What We Are About

The Biblical Philosophers are a group of individuals who assume that the Bible is the only inerrant and authoritative source of truth, that the truth contained in the Bible will and must make sense to the rational mind, and that the only correct interpretation of the biblical text is the original author’s intended meaning.

The group collaborates to discover this meaning by following as carefully as possible the flow of the biblical author’s argument in each Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek text without the constraint of any system of orthodoxy. In this way, we are pursuing not only Bible study, but also biblical philosophy, which is to say that we are engaging in the only kind of philosophy that ultimately will be both true and rational.

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Latest additions –

2/14/21 – Earle Craig – Updated translation and notes for Matthew, Mark, Luke
2/15/21 – Earle Craig – Updated translation and notes for Acts, Romans, 1 Peter